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Pipe & Foundry Asphalt Coatings: custom formulated to meet industry-specific needs

SWT Group’s extensive knowledge of refinery-derived raw materials allows us to formulate low-smoke, low-odor coatings for the ductile iron pipe and foundry industries for customers throughout North America.

  • Customized formulas for low-smoke and
    low-odor requirements
  • Reduced pin hole leaks
  • Water-based technology
  • Various formulas for specific profile coverage
  • Customized solvent packages
  • Various base asphalts available

For Product and Safety Data Sheets, email or call 519-967-0020

Product Data Sheet available upon request

Please email us at or call 519-967-0020. 

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

Please email us at or call 519-967-0020. 

Front Line Health Care Workers Mural

On the back wall of SWT’s building is a commissioned painting by artist Daniel Bombardier. The mural, which overlooks a parking area used by a nearby hospital’s staff, was commissioned as a thank you to all the Front Line Health Care workers for their ongoing efforts in ensuring the best of care for their community.

January 21, 2021

SWT Group is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers by establishing, implementing, and monitoring quality objectives, procedures and policies in compliance with the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015.

We strive to continuously improve our business. We ask for input from all SWT Group customers, suppliers and our own employees on ways we can enhance our Quality Management System, enabling us to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality Objectives are established by Management based on customers’ needs and expectations. Those objectives are communicated to all employees, who are encouraged to provide honest feedback and accept ownership of those objectives as they relate to their job function.

SWT Group is committed to providing appropriate resources to allow the company to grow and prosper by encouraging training for our employees to remain skilled in their respective job functions and ensure customer satisfaction.

All SWT Group stakeholders – customers, suppliers and employees alike – are considered partners in our business and are to be always treated with respect and professionalism.